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Human Hair Wigs

MONO ALLURE by Jon Renau

Jon Renau

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  • 4
    4 Brownie Finale (Medium Dark Brown [level 2])
  • 6
    6 Fudgesicle (Medium Chestnut Brown [level 3])
  • 6/33
    6/33 Raspberry Twist (Medium Chestnut Brown [6] blended with Auburn [33])
  • 8
    8 Cocoa (Light Chestnut Brown [level 3.5])
  • 8/32
    8/32 Cocoa Bean (Light Chestnut Brown [8] blended with Light Auburn [32])
  • 8RH14
    8RH14 Hot Cocoa (Light Chestnut Brown [8] with 33% Light Golden Brown [14] highlights)
  • 10RH16
    10RH16 Almondine (Medium Golden Brown [10] with 33% Ash Blonde [16] highlights)
  • 12/30BT
    12/30BT Root Beer Float (Light Golden Brown [12] blended and tipped with Medium Brown Red [30])
  • 24B22
    24B22 Creme Brulee (Amber Blonde [24B] blended with Beige Blonde [22])
  • 24BT18
    24BT18 Eclair (Light Ash Brown [18] blended with Amber Blonde [24B] with Amber Blonde [24B] tips)
  • 27T613F
    27T613F Toasted Marshmallow (Strawberry Blonde [27] blended with Canary Blonde [613] with Canary Blonde [613] tips)
  • FS10/16
    FS10/16 Medium Golden Brown [10] with chunky streaks of Ash Blonde [16]
  • FS12/24B
    FS12/24B Light Golden Brown [12] with Amber Blonde [24B] chunk highlights
  • 12FS8
    12FS8 Shaded Praline (Light Golden Brown [12], Amber Blonde [24B], and Very Blonde (104) blended and shaded with Light Chestnut Brown [8] at the roots)
  • 8/30
    8/30 Cocoa Twist (Light Chestnut Brown [8] blended with Medium Brown Red [30])
  • 10/26TT
    10/26TT Gold Blonde [26] at the top with Medium Golden Brown [10] at the nape
  • 22F16
    22F16 Pina Colada (Beige Blonde [22] at the crown with Ash Blonde [16] at the nape)
  • 24BT18S8
    24BT18S8 Shaded Mocha (Light Ash Brown/Amber Blonde blend [24BT18] with Light Chestnut Brown [8] roots)
  • 27T613S8
    27T613S8 Shaded Sun (Strawberry Blonde [27]/Canary Blonde [613] blend with Light Chestnut Brown [8] roots)
  • 30A27S4
    30A27S4 Shaded Peach (Medium Red [30A] and Strawberry Blonde [27] blended and shaded with Medium Dark Brown [4])
  • 56F51
    56F51 Oyster (White/Grey with 10% Chestnut Brown [56] at the crown and Steel Grey with 30% Medium Brown [51] at the nape)
  • 38
    38 Milkshake (Medium Brown with 35% Dove Grey)
  • 60
    60 Winter Sun (Pure White)
  • 39F38
    39F38 Roasted Chestnut (Light Ash Brown with 75% Dove Grey at the crown and Medium Brown with 35% Dove Grey at the nape)
  • 51F44
    51F44 White Russian (Steel Grey with 30% Medium Brown at the crown and Darkest Brown with 65% White Grey at the nape)
  • 92
    92 Chunky Monkey (Pure White [60] shading to Steel/White blend [51] shading to Darkest Brown/Charcoal [44] at the nape)
  • 14/24
    14/24 Creme Soda (Light Golden Brown [14] mixed with Gold Blonde [24])
  • 16/22
    16/22 Banana Creme (Ash Blonde [16] mixed with Beige Blonde [22])
  • 26T8
    26T8 Brown Sugar (Light Chestnut Brown [8] with Wheat Blonde [26] tips)
  • 27MBF
    27MBF Apple Pie (Dark Strawberry Blonde [27MB] with Light Auburn [32] at the nape)
  • 30A
    30A Hot Pepper (Medium Red)
  • 32BF
    32BF Cherry Almond Tart (27MB at crown with Light Auburn at nape with Red tones throughout)
  • 56
    56 Vanilla Marble (White/Grey blend with 10% Chestnut Brown)
  • 27T613S4
    27T613S4 Strawberry Blonde [27]/Canary Blonde [613] blend with Medium Dark Brown [4] roots
  • 102S8
    102S8 Shaded Creme (Platinum Blonde [102] shaded with Light Chestnut Brown [8])
  • 10/26TTS4
    10/26TTS4 Color 10/26TT shaded with Medium Dark Brown [4] at the roots
  • 131T4S4
    131T4S4 Shaded Berry (Color 131T4 [Medium Dark Brown with Dark Copper Red tips] shaded with Medium Dark Brown)
  • 10
    10 Luscious Caramel (Medium Golden Brown)
  • 44
    44 Marble Fudge (Darkest Brown with 65% White Grey)
  • 51
    51 Licorice Twist (Steel Grey with 30% Medium Brown)
  • 27F613
    27F613 Graham Cracker (Strawberry Blonde [27] blended with Canary Blonde [613] shading to Strawberry Blonde [27] at the nape)
  • 60/56
    60/56 A blend of Pure White [60] and White/Grey with 10% Chestnut Brown [56]

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Product details

Classic pixie style with fullness on top and a tapered nape. The gentle glow of this refined pixie will be envied by all your friends. The monofilament top gives it a supremely natural look. Hair Lengths: Bangs: 4", Crown: 4 1/2", Sides: 3 1/4", Nape: 2 1/4". Colors Shown: 22F16 (first 4 images) and FS27 (last 3 images).

Product options

  • Length: Short
  • Construction: Monofilament Top
  • Curl: Straight
  • Fiber: Synthetic Hair
  • Size: Average
  • Product Type: Wig
  • Style Code: 5370
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MONO ALLURE by Jon Renau

by Jon Renau

1 Reviews

Frizzy Review by Dog lover
I'v had at least 18 Jon Renau non-mono wigs during the years and have had good success with them all. I was so happy to see that they are now available in mono so the little tied places don't show.

However, the first one I got was defective, and the company replaced it promptly. The second one is frizzy! Little hairs that don't conform to the head stick out in every direction. My hairdresser said she could fix it, but after two sessions with her, it is as frizzy as ever. I am extremely disappointed to have this happen with a pricey product. 4/14/2016
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