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Human Hair Wigs

JORDAN by Estetica Designs

Estetica Designs

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  • R4/8
    R4/8 Blend of Dark Brown and Golden Brown
  • R8/12
    R8/12 Blend of Golden Brown and Medium Ash Brown
  • R6/10
    R6/10 Blend of Chestnut Brown and Light Brown
  • R4/6
    R4/6 Blend of Dark Brown and Chestnut Brown
  • R60
    R60 White
  • R30
    R30 Medium Auburn
  • R14
    R14 Dark Blonde
  • R18/22
    R18/22 Light Ash Brown / Light Ash Blonde blend
  • RH1488
    RH1488 Highlighted Copper Blonde
  • R1B
    R1B Off-Black
  • R6/28F
    R6/28F Chestnut Brown with Red frost
  • R6LF29
    R6LF29 Chestnut Brown lightening to Bright Red Mix in front
  • R12/26H
    R12/26H Light Brown with Golden Blonde highlights
  • R14/8H
    R14/8H Golden Brown with Dark Blonde highlights
  • R14/24
    R14/24 Dark Blonde / Pale Golden Blonde blend
  • R14/26H
    R14/26H Light Brown with Golden Blonde highlights
  • R16/22
    R16/22 Honey Blonde / Light Ash Blonde blend
  • R17/101
    R17/101 Ash Brown / Platinum Blonde blend
  • R20F
    R20F Light Auburn with Golden Blonde frost
  • R30/28/26
    R30/28/26 R30/28/26 - Medium Auburn / Light Auburn / Golden Blonde Blend
  • R32F
    R32F Dark Brown with Dark Auburn frost
  • R33
    R33 Dark Auburn
  • R36F
    R36F Chestnut Brown with Medium Auburn frost
  • R38
    R38 Medium Brown with 25% Grey
  • R44
    R44 Off-Black with 50% Grey
  • R51LF60
    R51LF60 Off-Black with 75% Grey lightening to White Mix in front
  • R59T
    R59T Light 3-tone Grey blend
  • RH31
    RH31 Dark Auburn tipped with 3 Red tones
  • R10/14
    R10/14 Light Brown/Dark Blonde mix
  • R12/14
    R12/14 R12/14 - Medium Ash Brown/Dark Blonde blend
  • RM Caramel Kiss
    RM Caramel Kiss RM Caramel Kiss - Chestnut Brown with Gold Blonde highlights
  • R2/4
    R2/4 Darkest Brown blended with Dark Brown
  • R6/27H
    R6/27H R6/27H - Chestnut Brown with Light Auburn Highlights
  • R8LF14
    R8LF14 Golden Brown lightening to Dark Blonde Mix in front
  • RM8/26H
    RM8/26H RM8/26H - Golden Brown with Gold Blonde highlights
  • R14/16
    R14/16 R14/16 - Dark Blonde/Honey Blonde blend
  • R16/88H
    R16/88H R16/88H - Honey Blonde with Lightest Blonde Highlights
  • R25/88
    R25/88 R25/88 - Blonde blend
  • R34
    R34 Dark Brown with 25% Grey
  • R51
    R51 Off-Black with 75% Grey
  • R56
    R56 Off-Black with 90% Grey
  • R56T
    R56T Medium 3-tone Grey blend
  • RM12/26CH
    RM12/26CH RM12/26CH - Light Brown with Chunky Golden Blonde Highlights
  • R10
    R10 Light Brown
  • R101
    R101 Platinum Blonde
  • R613RT8
  • RMH268
    RMH268 RMH268 - Golden Brown with Copper Blonde Highlights
  • RJ20/27/10
    RJ20/27/10 RJ20/27/10 - Medium Ash Brown with Golden Blonde & Light Auburn Highlights
  • Honey Toast
    Honey Toast Honey Toast - Light Brown with Pale Golden Blonde Highlights
  • R4/33A
    R4/33A R4/33A - Mix of Dark Brown and Dark Auburn
  • R6/12H
    R6/12H Chestnut Brown with Medium Ash Brown highlights
  • R6/30/33
    R6/30/33 R6/30/33 - Blend of Chestnut Brown, Medium Auburn, and Dark Auburn
  • RM6/28F
    RM6/28F RM6/28F - Chestnut Brown with Red frost
  • R33LF24
    R33LF24 Dark Auburn lightening to Gold Blonde Mix in front
  • R37
    R37 Medium Brown with 10% Grey
  • R56/22H
    R56/22H R56/22H - Off-Black with 90% Grey plus Light Ash Blonde highlights
  • R56/60
    R56/60 R56/60 - Off-Black + 90% Grey blended with White
  • R25LF123
    R25LF123 Dark Gold Blonde lightening to Platinum Mix in front
  • R25F
    R25F Strawberry Blonde
  • RT27/30
    RT27/30 Medium Auburn tipped with Light Auburn
  • RM8LF26
    RM8LF26 Golden Brown lightening to Blonde Mix in front
  • Honey Toast
    Honey Toast Honey Toast - Light Brown with Pale Golden Blonde Highlights

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Product details

Pixie-cut wig with sides that cover the ears and a tapered nape. Hair Lengths: Bangs: 3", Crown: 3", Sides: 2 1/2", Nape: 2". Color Shown: R6LF29.

Product options

  • Length: Short
  • Construction: Standard
  • Curl: Wavy
  • Fiber: Synthetic Hair
  • Size: Average
  • Product Type: Wig
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