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Human Hair Wigs

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JACKSON by Noriko

JACKSON by Noriko

Product Review (submitted on July 30, 2016):
I've been wearing wigs out of necessity for years. The Jackson is the one I always get compliments on. The permatease is the part I don't care for and the fact that it only comes in average size and I really need a large. I want everyone to know that you DON'T have to cut length due to frizz! I found a treatment on line that you won't believe but it works like a charm and my wigs last for months instead of weeks! This method also tames down the permatease. Fill sink with 3 or 4 gallons of water and 1/4C bleach.Soak and comb with wide tooth comb for about 5 mins. Rinse completely then do the same method but use amonia and comb.Keep the wig in solution as your combing during both treatments. The amonia balances the PH in the fibers.Shampoo afterwards and hand upside down to dry. Your wig will be like new!Shiny and soft as the day you got it! Look it up on Youtube. I promise you will be so happy, you'll wish you would have known about this years ago.